Never Say These 3 Things Unless You Want To Ruin Your Chances To Bed A Woman!

by The Teacher on October 16, 2013

No matter what your favourite men’s magazine tells you take it with a pinch of salt. Besides the professionals at the Institute of Men are Cool and Women are Nahhhhh… are known for their prejudice. There are just a few things that you should never say, under any circumstances, to women — even if you really want to. Trust me.


# 1 Why don’t you have a banging body like her?

This should rank at the very top of the list because this can bring out the devil in any dame. If you utter this to a girl she will most likely tear you apart with the most horrible stare you have ever seen. Women are very thin-skinned about their looks so saying this targets their sensitive parts. Comparing your potential lay with another chic in any way is hardly complimentary. You are essentially putting yourself in a spot where you can never win.

# 2 My Ex had beautiful hair.

You meathead! Look at the last sentence of #1. Get a few things clear; your lay will have levels of hatred towards other women. The most loathed girls are your Ex’s and your cool girlfriends. The middle girls who they kinda hate but don’t give a hoot about at the same time are the hot girls you peep at the mall, the one’s they cannot stand for ever would be the ugly girls. Saying anything nice about your ex will earn you a slap to the face. Comparing her with random girls that pass by might get your ass whooped.

# 3 Why are you not wearing any make-up..?

See, chics usually feel naked around anyone without make-up. They wear it like a thong. It forms a prominent part of their lives. So if she’s comfy enough not to wear make around you then she expects you not to detect it and still find her eye-catching. That’s a confident women right there. So don’t be a prick, if your potential lay is not wearing any make-up.

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