Top 3 One-night Stand Motivators for Women.

by The Teacher on May 14, 2013

This is a problem science has been dealing with lately, with very diverse results. It’s a question that begs for an answer, when chics more at stake both socially and biologically. So why are women continually drawn into having one night stands with men? Research has shown that almost all women will at least have random sex once in their lifetime.

One night stand motivators for women

Find out why women are willing to have random sex with one night stands

A recent research, states the obvious by saying that women are encouraged to seek sex simply for pleasure. You see women, like male counterparts, are stimulated by sexual gratification when they are confronted by certain scenarios. Unlike men, women are less likely to be satisfied by a short-term encounter.

The old saying that ‘a game is best played in a comfort zone’ holds sway… getting a woman attracted to man is not really the battle. It is to maintain her in that state of attraction while you make her feel comfy and secure.

Another chief motive that women have random sex is that they like feeling cherished and desired. Just like men. The paradox here is that a study showed that guys normally lessen their ratings with women they’re willing to have sex with; on the other hand, women were deemed not to compromise easily. And were extremely picky about the men they slept with.

The chic is feeling sentimental and free-spirited by the fact you took her to the crib and boned her. The man has it in the corner of his mind that he wouldn’t touch her again with a 10 foot pole. This also understates why women with low self-worth make far easier lays.

Ultimately, women have one night sex for the similar motives as men. Why? The reason is simply because sex is electrifying and enjoyable. And helps them feel better about themselves. And, we imagine, because they get sprung like rabbits sometimes. They just have to get it when needed. The differentiation is in the requirements that must be reached before going home with a guy. A guy would pull back on the values a bit, after all a lay is a lay. Women try not to compromise their own standards, mostly for safety measures.

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