How To Avoid Canadian Hookup Dating Scams & Fake Hookup Sites

Definition: A hook up is an encounter between strangers or brief acquaintances with no commitment towards a relationship. It usually has a sexual undertone of excessive flirting, kissing, smooching and intercourse. Most women still tend to stick to traditional dating for fear that they might get emotionally entangled with a sexual partner, who might see nothing in them or not be down with a long-term relationship. Most men on the other hand, will never pass up the chance of free sex even when they are involved in a relationship.

Things have gradually turned full circle with women now thinking like men. This is a good thing and means there is more sex available for all men that want it. With the rumour mill going round that there are more women than men in the world, there might just come a time when there won’t be enough men available to grind!

But let the truth be told. Women are warming up to the fact they can get sex without getting emotionally involved or upsetting the applecart of their lives. It is not surprising to see women who just want to hook up when the urge arises. These women could not be bothered with commitments and prefer to concentrate fully on their careers or businesses.

Many Canadian women still rank a full-blown relationship high up their list. But things are starting to look very different. Recent developments, has led to a silent surge of independent and adventurous Canadian women who just want to hook up, fuck and get on with their lives. This has led to the speedy emergence of hook up dating sites where people can have sex without stress or strings attached. Unfortunately, this blooming opportunity has been spoilt by fraudsters who have taken over and cashed in on the opportunity to fleece people off their hard-earned earnings or steal their identities.

People are so desperate for a shag and so make easy fodder for hookup sites scams that seem to be everywhere these days. Nowadays, it is so easy to run into a dating scam online. So think twice about that glamour girl who has taken to you, she (Or He?) might just be waiting for the right chance to strike and rid you of something valuable.

When it comes to scams on hookup websites, the mode of operation may differ. But the end result in every hookup dating scam is always the same-money, money and more money. Scammers waste no time in asking for money. So be extremely wary of girls who ask you for money when you are hardly through with the introductions. The smart ones will first test the waters by asking for a small amount from you. An example, would be asking for money to pay for the Internet connection. When you oblige without blinking an eye, then they pull out the daggers and ask for bigger money. They are smart and would usually ask for a large sum crucial to them coming over to fuck you.

Please Note: We didn’t test any French hookup sites for the Quebec market. All references made are for English speaking hookup date sites.

The Hookup Dating Guide for Canadians