Don’t Waste Your Time With Fake Profiles: Spotting Scams Fast!

The issue of fake profiles continues to spread like wildfire, drowning all the real people who only want to hook up and have fun. Where are the fakes all coming from, and why? The fact is that online anonymity of adult hookup dating has thrown open the flood gates to liars, thieves, cheats, and anyone looking to make a quick buck. You can afford to be whatever you want to be online and get away with it.

How to meet singles on a hookup site is far from a no-brainer as the experts make it sound. Singles or married people are constantly under siege from scam profiles. So be battle-ready because uncovering a hookup dating site has become a minefield littered with scam bombs ready to blow up in your face if you are not careful.  Avoid been blown up. Learn how to spot them.

Beware of Fake-Ass Photos

Model picture, racy or explicit photos should ring those ding-dong bells. Generally, real people won’t post suggestive pictures or sexual shots of themselves in their profile. They are more likely to post a couple of photos of themselves in their normal surroundings.  And show you the naughty ones later. Watch out for photos that are extremely small or have unclear corners where a watermark might have been extracted. Turn sleuth and look up the image to see if a photo has been stolen from a site. Make sure the picture and profile depiction are a probable match too.

Unfinished Profiles

Very little or misplaced info on a profile can be another significant clue something is up. A large draw card for hooking up online is the ability to find people you can connect with even if it’s for just a fast fuck. Real people will take time to complete their profiles and include important information about themselves. Scammers are slothful and rarely do their research, particularly when it comes to creating a truly believable profile.

It’s a numbers game and they have tons of fake profiles all over the Internet to be worrying about. If someone finds them out and gets their account deleted or banned, they have to create a whole new account all over again. And this eats up into time they would rather prefer using to following up on their prey.

Verify Beyond Credit Cards

Beware of the ‘confirmed’ profiles that some sites tout. Even some of the clever scam profiles can get ‘confirmed’ by using a friend’s credit card. Unless the hook up dating site is going to go make the  extra effort of meeting the single in person by doing a background check or  taking their pictures for them then  being verified means nothing more than a 13 year old who wants to vote in the U.S. elections.

There are services that can do covert checks for you, if you feel the person is worth looking into, either for good or bad reasons. is one site that can tell you if that chic is who she says she is and not just one of the many escort profiles flying around.

Also watch out for pages that look too perfect to begin with. This might mean different things to different guys. But if a chic is too eager about fucking then she’s possibly winding you up for a pay day for her sexual services.

Chics that love sex just as men exist and pull no punches about it. But they do not come around often and they don’t broadcast from the roof tops. They open up to you in private. They do not play the slut or naughty girl in the 1st paragraph. Spotting fake profiles is tricky but it all becomes so easy when you spot these scams over and again.

There are various factors in the content you see on hookup or dating sites. There are a many rules you can use to help yourself out. First, if a woman expresses liking generous men or uses a money sign in any part of her text you should blank her. That’s almost always a secret code for an escort. Men who are open-handed likely to pay for the time they spend with the girl in question. Often that means an high cab fare when it’s over and sometimes it’s a simple  fee that is negotiated before the sex starts. There are many different respectable ways to find an escort if that’s what you’re looking for.


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