Do Free Hookup Sites Really Work?

You now know that dating sites for hooking up in Canada exist. You also now know when it comes to looking for a hook up date you need to be careful. Since there are tons of hook up dating scams flying around with scammers trying to pull a fast one on you. Note that the hookup dating advice does not end there. You also need to avoid free sign-up hookup sites like a plague.

You may have heard that saying that ‘the best things in life are for free’. Scratch that! Some of the best things in life are definitely not for free. And this includes chasing cool girls for steamy sex. You might think you are cutting your spending; after all you might still want to play the gentleman and treat your date to a night out at the cinemas. That is understandable. But don’t shoot yourself in the foot by thinking that a solution is working a shoe string budget by looking for free hookup websites.

Picture this carefully. You already know that there are dodgy dating scams on the Internet. You are also aware that the bad guys do exist and are looking for someone to devour right? You are trying to avoid all the mush and get to the ultimate goal of prized pussy right? Do you think you brighten your chances with free hookup sites? You might as well head off to a shooting range wearing a sign round your neck saying ‘Practice Your Aim!’.

Setting up free hook up sites is a move most scammers use. They try to reel unsuspecting people and dupe as many as possible. And how best to achieve this than throw the doors open and declare free hook-ups for all interested. You can best your top dollar; many men would fall over themselves not to miss a sexual opportunity.

Since members are not screened there is a high chance, you could be dealing with some psycho or criminal with a fake profile. Some sickos are more concerned in living their twisted fantasies of causing pain rather than taking money off you. There are also hookers masquerading as adventurous females. They lie through their teeth and tell you without the rubber is sweeter and you in your horny element will believe them. And end up with an STD as payment for about 7 minutes of sensual pleasure.

Another reason you need to avoid hook up sites for free is that they might sell your personal information to the highest bidder. Forget all the terms and conditions B.S. you might see on the website meant to give you a restful mind. The site is free you are not paying for anything. So chances are they have to rely on ‘under-the-table-tactics’ to make some money. And this includes collecting your personal details and selling it without your permission.

You are also told that one of the best ways to meet a single in your area is to install free software so that you can chat. Never fall for this ruse. Chances are they are trying to infect your system with spyware or malware. And what this does is allows them to phish sensitive data from your system and do as they please. Imagine trying to show your 7 year old niece some fun sites on the web and a porn site pops up or an annoying penis ad claiming you can grow your penis by an extra 5 inches! Definitely not cool at all.

Now you get the big picture that a hookup for free is definitely a bad idea. This does not mean that any every hookup dating site that asks for a paid subscription is the answer to your fuck problems. Far from it, besides avoiding free hookup sites altogether, you need to keep a keen eye open for any paid hookup website that tickles your fancy.

Here are tips that you can use before settling for any paid hookup website.

  1. Examine the site properly. If there are missing graphics, jagged fonts or mis-aligned sections it indicates a lack of attention to detail. This signifies that the webmaster would also take the safety features of the site lightly as well, making it easy pickings for a hacker to penetrate and get your personal details, including your credit information.
  2. Are the profiles looking photoshopped and phony? Many sites especially new ones try to buffer their membership with fake photos to attract new members. This says a lot about people that you are choosing to trust with your personal information. Only God knows what they might do with it when the chips are down.
  3. Does the site have a privacy link? Check out the bottom of the page and see their terms and conditions. Make sure it includes not selling your information to anyone. Also make sure that they screen their members and frown against racial and sexually explicit material. Yes! Members are trying to hook up and fuck each other. But this still calls for a certain level of decency doesn’t it?
  4. Be careful of statements like ‘You are the 5780th member to join today’ or ‘Browse through our millions of profiles’. A real site will have no need to blow their horns. These statements are usually false. And typically shows a dishonest site trying so hard to get attention by any means necessary. This is a red flag for something more devious in the making.

Are you confused and feel that adult hook up dating might be a tall order for you to fill.  No worries, you will get to see our top hookup recommendations later on. Right now, let’s show you how to create a bad-ass profile that would draw those chics to you like moths to a flame.


The Hookup Dating Guide for Canadians