Quickest Path To Sex: Spot & Hook Up With Vulnerable Women

You are on a hookup website with just one thing on your mind…sex. So you must not work hard at getting the girls. You must work smart. What this means is that you need a script to follow. You need to work with a profile for easy lays in mind. They are your quickest route to a hookup for sex.

When it comes to spotting easy girls for sex, women with a lack of personal pride are a good bet.  These women are coming off the heels of a relationship that has just ended and are in a very low place when it comes to dignity and self-esteem. They usually use sex as a springboard to bounce back to reality. Sex with them is usually spontaneous and heated. And if you really fuck her good, she might be using your penis as a springboard for quite awhile.

In order to horn your skills and get quick sex, you might need to target slightly overweight women. These women consider themselves unattractive and unworthy of men. But are really good people underneath. They get on hookup sites because they are seeking attention, knowing fully well that the best way to get a man’s attention is to fuck him. This is one of the easiest way to find a hookup.

We did not spend time sleeping with fatties. But you might need to for a few fast wins or notches on your bed post. Women who fail in the attractive category are known to work double-hard to make up for these lapses and are usually deemed wildcats in the bedroom (or anywhere you plan on fucking). This is no myth.

When it comes to the easiest way to get laid online, you also need to consider ‘revenge sex’. “Revenge sex” is a kind of sex in which sex is used as weapon against a lover who has been bad in a very devastating way. If you are interested in revenge females, they come in droves. They are driven to retaliate and punish their partners after discovering these partners have violated the terms of the relationship.

The cases differ from woman to woman. Some women want to get even because their lover cheated on them. In some extreme cases, some have revenge sex because their partner passed on an STD. Women can be volatile and fiery creatures. Picture a woman who is madly in love, loyal and faithful who then discovers that her lover was making out with someone else. She would probably feel like an idiot…cry and then let it…RIP!

It is not a common thing to see a request for revenge sex on a hookup website with messages and posts that are creative, direct and which pull-no punches, like the one below:

‘I just had a big fight with my man. He cheated on me with his stupid ex. I’m looking for someone with a fantasy that includes me. I will purr for anything safe. I am versatile in many positions and love anal sex. I am looking for a wild time. So bring out the role play, porn and sex toys. I am crazy-kinky.

Or this

‘I’m looking for sexual revenge, I just got cheated on by someone who is beneath me and not worth my while, I need to find someone who’s hot, to give me what he was too much of a prude to do. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Any takers…’

These are usually decent looking women who are feisty, open to free hookups and want to fuck fast. It is crucial that you get ahead of the line and make them pick you ahead of the other boys. Asking these TOP 3 questions reveal just how vulnerable a woman might be, if she’s up for sex and when is the right time to make your big move.

Question #1 How long has it been since your last relationship?

This is a trick question. She could still be in a relationship. But the fact that she’s in one and still comes to a hookup site betters your chances of getting laid. Despite the directness of the question, you also tend to open the doors of communication and get talking.

You can get into her thoughts by knowing her relationship status. If she is still in a relationship, she’s probably looking for revenge on the rebound. You will have to move fast. Before her guilty conscience pricks her and she changes her mind. A woman coming off the brunt of a break-up might want quick sex to get her esteem back or cherish time-off before she spreads her legs. Single Canadian girls are much harder to sleep with. Go for damaged Canadian girls.

Question #2 What do you do for work?

If your prospect is stressed at work, she might just be looking for a nice fuck to relax her nerves. You might need to spend some money. Not in exchange for sex but rather as a build-up to the main event. A woman who is enjoying her job is probably making good money as well. But might just have a boring social life, she’s online looking for excitement and sexual action. Give it to her hardcore style.

Question #3 What are your thoughts about hooking up online?

By thy fruits you shall know them. This should be asked with good fun and a light-hearted nature. It could lead to a interesting conversation. This again works as a trick question. Pay close attention to her answers as they would reveal good and bad experiences. And give you clues to her likes and dislikes.

These questions are not cast in stone. Tweak to suit your personality and the moment at hand. Never learn a bunch of lines and throw them at women if they do not suit your character or are ill-timed.

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