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by The Teacher on August 3, 2012

Badoo is a dating and social networking site that unfortunately gave us the jitters. was founded in 2006 and surprisingly has over 155 million people worldwide. In our opinion, Badoo is chat room, dating site and picture spot all rolled into one. Despite the policy of not having minors on the site, we still saw lots of them. And the funny thing is that they did not even bother trying to hide their ages! We also believe the website spent too much time of having people chat with complete strangers rather building a personal network of the opposite sex. Within seconds of completing our profile we were hit by instant messages from individuals all over the planet.

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Although you can set your security features as public or private as you choose, we felt the best way to get a look and feel of the website was to keep our profile in public glare. Unfortunately, this resulted in a sickening tide of spam messages from chance people. One or two of such messages is normally tolerable but we had more than a dozen in only 2 days!

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Badoo is a COMPLETE SCAM!!! Do ***NOT*** Join Badoo!

We discovered that Badoo did not permit any virtual communities or gatherings of individuals with similar interests. They are probably paranoid over a revolution of members or something. Additionally, you cannot add videos. This hookup dating site looks more like a glorified blog than a social networking site.

When you be part of this web site it sends stuff to individuals in your address book saying you’ve got a message for them when actually you did not. If the owners of the site can be spamming you that pretty much gives everybody else the licence to do as they please. We would advise anyone who hates getting unsolicited messages or emails to avoid because of our unpleasant experience.

There are loads of perverts on the website, who keep trying to spam the few women 24-7 in not-too-nice ways to get involved in sex. Most of the women are annoyed by that, and so often don’t like to answer any messages including those you might send. Most messages will not be read because their box is flooded with more insane messages than normal ones.

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