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by The Teacher on August 3, 2012

A 100% free hookup dating service with loads of classy characteristics to help you bond with people and singles in your area and beyond. Many hookup dating websites maintain they are free, and then SLAP you with hidden charges for emailing, instant messaging, chatting, and much more. At Connecting Singles, features are as free as a jail card. Free emails, free virtual flowers (if you believe in that junk), free access to forums, videos watches, chatting rooms and instant messaging. Are you clapping your hands with glee? Not so fast…I have bad news for you.

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Connecting Singles may cool features, but the forums are definitely an aspect to avoid. It is colonized by anti-Semites, who churn out anti-Western misinformation and propaganda. You will also find racists, misogynists (people who hate women) and ageists (people who detest older people). The moderators seem to favour these knuckleheads and any right-minded thinkers who resist the bad behaviour of these individuals are speedily chucked out. The webmasters evidently endorse this kind of prejudice to the end where certain persons can post any type garbage as long as it revs site views for the advertisers. Ditch all reason, ye who enter here!

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ConnectingSingles is a COMPLETE SCAM!!! Do ***NOT*** Join ConnectingSingles!

This is the ultimate Anti-West site. If you have something to say that fights back at The West, then this is the place. This also grants you immunity from any ban. The moderators are the leading losers on this site. They really have no inkling about what their site actually offers. They claim it is a safe site that doesn’t offer hooking up for sex. Yet, they do and even worse. We began a thread questioning this and got kicked out. That’s how wretched these folks actually are.

The sexual topics are led by ignorant immature young people who are really nauseating to say the least. This site is besieged by horny A-holes who don’t know the first thing about clocking women. You won’t find good girls here. Only hookers, trannies, drug addicts and bitches with STD’s to share.




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