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by The Teacher on August 3, 2012 is a global hookup website that grants access to people from across the planet including Canadians. Upon visiting the site first time out you see most of the impressive characteristics of Flirtbox which include: webcam chatting, searching for members are based on age, area, occupation and other things. The website also boasts of a cool in-house mail feature, a picture arcade and a meeting board. The discourse lets members place messages that they like to ginger up interest and attract the opposite sex.

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The most prominent trait here ought to be the cam chat aspect which is totally free, which comes at no added cost or extra charges whatsoever. When we glanced at Flirtbox there was a declaration that the site had over 170,912 subscribers in Canada alone with about 120,890 being of the sterner sex-male and 50,022 women. The website also declares a teeming membership of 1,3946206 people from outside Canada.

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FlirtBox is a COMPLETE SCAM!!! Do ***NOT*** Join FlirtBox!

The blueprint and intentions of Flirtbox lack a certified touch with Google advertisements dividing the site into 2. That shows what the webmaster is more concerned about doesn’t it? The design illustrates a poor standard one would not usually expect with a hook up site. There is also that significant point that Flirtbox is more open to the rest of the world and not fully focused on the Canadian market. And therefore, you may struggle to whittle down your search for people inside the Canadian range.

Our major protest with this site is that it centres on people outside Canada a little too much. Despite them supposedly being a minority of the site. This is a Canadian website for Pete’s sake. Why are there non-Canadians than real Canadians? You waste your time on the website looking to sieve through chics that do not live in your vicinity. Really, how am I realistically going to hookup with someone who lives in the Poland or Ukraine?


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