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by The Teacher on August 3, 2012

The site allows free of charge accounts but you can only receive emails and not send them. In order to persuade the user to pay, phony FAKE emails are sent. These emails always appear to be from a female in your area, complete with pictures and local address. It is very shrewdly done: at the beginning, one email is sent and then another about 15 minutes later making it look as if this chic is really serious about hooking up.

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Do you know we created 2 accounts and got 2 exact emails sent from the same girl?  For more than 3 weeks we did not receive any other emails from any girl. This site is a full scam. No matter how many times you send emails, you will get nada in return. All they want is your cash. Once they have that, everything grinds to a stop. This is one of the worst hook up dating sites we have ever seen. You cannot even converse with responders to your ad, you must pay up first.

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HornyMatches is a COMPLETE SCAM!!! Do ***NOT*** Join HornyMatches!

We also set up a lesbian profile just to gauge general responses. And guess what? They flew in from mostly men. What this shows is that either the men have trouble reading (dyslexia) or are desperate scammers who are trying to latch onto anybody irrespective of sexual preferences. This site is devoid of real women. The few women there are hookers who give you sex alright but at a hefty price.

This site is dangerously being misused so avoid like a plague. And never volunteer your personal info, if you are dumb enough to sign up. If you look around long enough, you notice a disturbing consistency of similar photos bearing different names. Without mincing words, this site is a swindle. And it is meant to milk desperate people. Everyone gets desperate sometimes when it comes to sex. And this site is waiting for those who are.

Beware and run.


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