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by The Teacher on August 3, 2012

The photos at the HotOrNot website look normal enough. And a majority of the members are profile-friendly. There is a lot of activity on the site, which goes to show that the subscribed members are genuine. However, this is a problem in itself because we could not find a means of reaching out to any of them. It is an attribute that needs to be employed as the creation of profiles pages are not instantly accepted. We appreciate the effort of due diligence before approval.

Hookup Site Scam Alert Image

Do you plan on forwarding an online present to somebody? This will surely cost you some doe. Can you imagine that a very stupid online flower setting you back $10 on this site? This is darn ridiculous. Who the hell spends 10 bucks on an Internet flower? And can you believe you find even more pricey offerings there, none of which are any better.

HotOrNot Homepage Image
HotOrNot is a COMPLETE SCAM!!! Do ***NOT*** Join HotOrNot!

We uncovered profiles that were bogus. Some blatantly promoted affiliate links for businesses. This shows that the team that own this website have a hidden agenda which is far from decent. We also found raunchy photos there that looked straight from the sleazy porn business. Guess the day job does not pay so well. So they have to play partial prostitute on the side as well. Some of the profile descriptions seem very unclear, uttering general things and loving any and every guy who has a 3rd leg in between his legs. This smacks of a desperate scammer at work.

If you subscribe to being a member on HotorNot, expect a barrage of emails which that will do nothing for you. They are mainly bots that have clicked on your page. As a hook up site, Hotornot fails poorly in the traffic department. Winding up, we believe this site has not too many members, too many spammers, plus phony profiles that make it a not too pleasant experience.


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