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by The Teacher on August 3, 2012

Singlesnet is a hookup site popular in America. Online traffic research firms like Zen Masters have time and again listed as one of the most trendy hookup sites around. We wonder where they got their figures from. These ratings are not levelling on the real deal on this site.

Hookup Site Scam Alert Image

It takes some minutes to sign-up on Singlesnet. However when you log in to the website you need to be a date site addict to comprehend what is next on the menu. It looks like the webmasters wanted to see how clever users were. That would probably prove they were bright enough to mix or mingle. There should be a sign somewhere on the site which says ‘Learn to use Singlesnet Yourself and get Laid’.

SinglesNet Homepage Image
SinglesNet is a COMPLETE SCAM!!! Do ***NOT*** Join SinglesNet!

When we hopped on this site sometime ago we saw that by some means whenever we were logged in….over 700 chics were on Singlesnet as well. Later after paying close attention, we realized that if you don’t fully log out, a hidden cookie keeps you in. This is very unethical to say the least.

There is also no means to sort out profile pages. When you sig-up, you are asked if you want to befriend international members and if you say no, you still get them anyway. Furthermore, many of the people on this site are not properly screened and are mainly scammers from Africa or Asia.

Our estimation is that this site is merely trying to make money on not too knowledgeable site users who use their services and are contented for at least 1 month. Singlesnet claims to have plenty of chics, but many profile pages that are listed are either bogus or inactive. The few real girls are very unfriendly and choose to be inaccessible. The chances that your emails will be largely ignored till hell freezes over are a sure bet.

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