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by The Teacher on August 3, 2012

Review of: xPress
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The Canadian Hookup Team

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On August 3, 2012
Last modified:February 28, 2013


We really enjoyed our experience in Canada with this GREAT hookup dating site: Xpress.com

xPress is one of the BEST PLACES to search for sex. Not only are the women attractive, they’re also down to earth and actively seeking a sex partner. When we first signed up for xPress.com, it was at the conclusion of reviewing some very mediocre hookup sites. Needless to say, xPress was like a breath of fresh air for us. We were ecstatic to finally come across a site that WAS NOT a scam.

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It was nice to meet women that weren’t hookers, bots, or scam artists. Even nicer – we actually got laid on this site…MULTIPLE TIMES. We definitely encourage you to sign-up for xPress.com. But, first, read this review so you learn more about the site and how to get laid on it.

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#1 Hookup Dating Site: xPress! We HIGHLY Recommend xPress!

Our Favourite xPress.com Strategies For Fast Hookups

We quickly learned that women on X Press aren’t receptive to initial emails that are focused on sex. Our success came once we figured out that writing an email that is humourous (non-offensive humour) without using sexual innuendos were responded positively to. So when you are writing your initial email to a woman, make sure it’s funny but refrain from talking about anything related to sex.

Women On xPress.com: Were They Pretty?

We found that there were more 6’s and 7’s on this site than any other hookup site. Sure, there were some 2’s-5’s, but the vast majority were very attractive. There are even the occasional 8’s and 9’s mixed in there. We even met a couple of them.

Part of the reason we suggest signing up for a couple of hookup sites is because of the following. On XXXMatch.com (The #1 of our TOP Sites), we noticed there were more smoking hot women than on xPress.com. However, there were more attractive women (6’s and 7’s) on xPress than XXXMatch. By signing up for both, you’re getting a combination of QUALITY and QUANTITY. As for what the women on xPress.com are looking for – just some good old fashioned sex!

xPress.com Test Results: 12 Weeks On xPress.com

In the 12 weeks we spent reviewing xPress.com, we met some cool chicks. Some were very hot, others were cute and sexy. What they all had in common was a high sex drive, sex appeal, and they were great in bed. You will not be disappointed with the women you meet on xPress.com. Here’s a breakdown of our 12-week experiment…

  • 208 women contacted
  • 133 responses to our initial emails (63.9%)
  • 23 dates set-up
  • 15 dates we showed up for
  • 12 full closes (SEX!)

Gaming xPress.com: Beat The System!

Want an edge over the other men on xPress.com? We’re going to teach you one. It’s really simple. Most of the men are total douchebags. They have no clue what women are looking for. Your strategy should be to play the role of the “different” guy. You’re unlike most other guys on that site. You have game. You know how to charm a woman. You’re not perverted and disgusting. You talk about more than just sex. Your profile is not filled with misspelled words and sexual innuendos. You are everything every other guy on xPress.com is not.

Top 3 xPress.com Features

Another reason we think so highly of xPress.com is because they make it easy for an inexperienced online dater to meet someone. The site features are top-notch and unique. We selected our 3 favourites to share with you in this review…

  • xPress’s Goldroom – If you love Internet porn as much as we do, you’ll be in 7th Heaven in the Goldroom. Your membership includes full access to the Internet’s largest hardcore porn site. This, alone, makes xPress.com’s membership fees worth it.
  • AutoMatch Matching Feature – We wanted to meet women that we were interested in. Because of xPress.com’s AutoMatch feature, this was possible. You enter a few characteristics about your ideal woman, and they send you a list of women that meet your specific criterion.
  • xPress.com Cracks Down on Solicitation – As you probably know, there are a lot of scam artists online and people on dating sites trying to solicit their services. xPress.com takes extensive measures to eliminate scam artists from populating their site. We can’t say this for most dating istes.

xPress.com Pricing / Cost Plans

For $25, you can have instant access to this phenomenal hookup site. For even less per month, you can purchase a multi-month membership (charged upfront for entire length of membership). This is a very affordable site with many great features and hot women. It’s easy to get laid on xPress. Where better could you spend $25?

xPress.com – Our Final Recommendation

Now that you’ve read about our results and learned why xPress.com is a great hookup site. So it’s up to you to decide if you’re ready to get laid. If you are, get signed up for xPress.com today. Don’t waste any time. There are MANY attractive women waiting. All you have to do is go get them.

xPress.com is affordable. Virtually everyone can afford a membership. That’s one of the main reasons we love the site. We don’t think you should have to take out a second mortgage just to get laid. And any quality hookup site should be cheaper than an evening of getting liquored up at a bar trying to get laid. xPress.com is cheaper and a better way of finding hot women looking for sex. It’s time to get laid. What are you waiting for? Subscribe now!

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