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by The Teacher on August 3, 2012 is a crappy adult hookup dating site and frankly we wonder how we ever wasted our time on this dodgy site. We subscribed as expected and searched through profiles even as we created ours. We attempted to contact members we found interesting, but falled short and dejectedly at getting any responses. Then again we did not fail. The site failed us. That’s no lame excuse, it’s the bloody truth.

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The problem we have with hit us almost immediately after checking out the site. The entire layout is gobbledygook. The web design failed sadly. Normally, we would be willing to look beyond that. The main reason you sign up for an adult hookup site is to get boned. Right? So if the website looks like shit but your chances of getting boned are still pretty good, we can disregard it. But when there’s a small chance of getting pussy and the women are dangerously ugly, hell yeah we are going to give the thumbs down.

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XXXBlackBook is a COMPLETE SCAM!!! Do ***NOT*** Join XXXBlackBook!

You can join for free but require up-grading to receive messages. We were bombarded with frequent bogus emails each day once we signed up for free.  This is all a marketing gimmick. When you click to read these messages you are asked to upgrade your account. They have a sham listing of ‘people in your area’ who are horny and want to fuck. These 10 people never change. If you clicked on them again and again you got the up-grade message. Our best guess is that the staff are working hard… writing emails to attract people and get them to spend money. I would suggest you avoid this site unless you have doe to throw away.

This site is a complete counterfeit and has 1000’s of fake listings that the staff uses to contact you with messages from spurious members. All this is done to whet your appetite and make you think REAL people are contacting you. All this is a scam to get you to bring out your credit card and pay up.



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