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by The Teacher on August 3, 2012

Zoosk is a dating virtual community with over 200 million subscribers worldwide. Pretty much of that traffic came from Facebook. Zoosk started harmlessly as an application on almost everyone’s Facebook page. Before shooting beyond control and standing all by itself. And is an Internet platform meant for those who are looking for good buddies, dates and sex.

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We signed up for Zoosk by impulse after seeing a Facebook ad. But we never expected to actually make use of it. However, 1 day we agreed to give it a blast and see if our matches would really be girls that could clack us back. We filled out a profile and included a photo, then used the search engine to check our matches and to rummage around for more.

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Zoosk is a COMPLETE SCAM!!! Do ***NOT*** Join Zoosk!

Zoosk watches what you write in your profile and then BLAM! Like…magic – your perfect partner appears and sends you a doting message. This is an entirely spurious profile designed to get you to subscribe for Zoosk services. The moment we did, minutes later this ‘perfect partner’ profile disappeared into virtual air.

Zoosk is a nauseating service that makes money through having people pay to frantically try to get in touch with each another. It is an unfair service which goes against the very code of free speech. They make believe it’s free … free to ‘join’ – well how dim-witted – who wants to join for without charge if it costs you to talk to anyone. What a rip-off!!

We were also dissatisfied to see that plenty of our matches were not close to our location, and some were not even within the same country! Some of our criteria such as age ranking, occupation and drinking habits were not sieved properly, so we had to wade through a lot of people that should have not come up in the first place. We also found there were a lot of personal ads referring to porn sites rather than actual people.



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